Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Superior Lawn Cutting

There are good reasons to have your lawn professionally cut which have nothing to do with finding time or getting the mower to start. Grass that is properly cut is healthier and more disease resistant and is much less likely to suffer damage under extreme weather conditions.

When the grass is actively growing during warmer months, it gets longer more quickly between cuttings. However, mowing off more than one third of the grass blades will result in tips that easily burn and turn brown in the heat, so it’s important to avoid letting the grass get too long between cuttings.

In addition to mowing at least once a week during the growing season, it’s also important to keep the mower blades sharpened and vary the mowing pattern. This assures that the grass blades will be cut swiftly and evenly when the mower passes. The cuts will then seal more quickly which helps prevent hot season brownout.

Another reason to mow properly and regularly is that a healthy green turf above will serve as its own mulch, protecting the roots below in hot weather and preventing weed seeds from taking hold. Weeds not only detract from the desired appearance of a lush, inviting lawn, they also compete with it for water and nutrients.

People often wonder how a professionally kept turf stays looking so beautiful when no one picks up the grass clippings. The secret here is that grass clippings don’t hurt the lawn at all, provided they are short or cut with a mulching blade. The average homeowner lacks the time and inclination to maintain their equipment, change cutting heights and mow often enough to do this successfully, so removing clippings is usually advised.

Removing clippings also helps prevent the spread of disease and weed seeds from one portion of the lawn to another. A grass catcher keeps the flying grass from going all over flower beds, patios and sidewalks, but clippings from healthy lawns can be composted if desired.

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